Frank E. Warren Music Service


Earnestly Music


Performances since 2010

Note on notations:

1. 60 seconds bilateral
electronic/computer music 1 minute E, S

2. A Medley of Old Favorites (for POPS)
SATB with Piano, Bass and Drums 13.5 minutes C, E

3. Abstract No. 1: for Violin, Cello and Dancers Violin and Violoncello
8 minutes C, E
Commissioned by Rosemary Doolas and Chicago Dance Medium

4. BEES: Eight poems by Emily Dickinson
Soprano voice, unaccompanied 7 minutes E

5. Brief Trio
Flute, Saxophone and Piano 1 minute S

6. Canción de niñez
Solo Guitar 4 minutes S

7. Chicago Poems: Five poems by Carl Sandburg
Mezzo-soprano and Piano 8 minutes A

8. DREI LIEDER: für Mezzosopran, Geige und Violoncello Mezzo-soprano
Violin and Violoncello 8 minutes A, E, S

9. EIGHT DUOS: for Flute and Clarinet
in A flute/alto flute and clarinet in A 12.5 minutes C, E, S
Commissioned by Karl Henning, composer/clarinetist

10. for: 8 Strings & a Whistle
Flute, Viola and Violoncello 14.5 minutes C
Commissioned by the members of 8 Strings & a Whistle

11. Four Duet
Flute and Piano 8 minutes

12. from: A. E. Housman
five songs for Voice and Piano 7.75 minutes

13. Hommage (Ravel)
Piano Solo 1 minute S

14. “HOPE” (short version) Poem by Emily Dickinson
SSAA a cappella 3 minutes C, E

15. Movements for Harp Alone
Harp Solo 12 minutes C, E

16. Quintet: Harmonica and Strings
Harmonica and String Quartet 7.5 minutes C

17. Reading Basho (Seventeen Haiku for Solo Piano)
piano solo 11 minutes E, S

18. Sonatine
for Solo Piano 6 minutes

19. Songs Against War (on text by Wilfred Owen)
Baritone Voice and Piano 12 minutes C, E

20. Suite for Solo Piano, Op. 104
Piano Solo 9 minutes E

21. Text enim Angelorum Custodum
Soprano and Mezzo Duet, a cappella 6.5 minutes C

22. The Beatitudes / Amen from Five Sacred Responses
SATB a cappella 3.5 minutes

23. The little house stood quietly by the beach
SATB a cappella 5.25 minutes
Text by Tavis N. Linsin

24. Three Glimpses of Beethoven, Op. 86
Piano Solo 12.75 minutes C

25. Three Inventions, Op. 6
Harpsichord 3 minutes

26. TRIO: for violin, violoncello and piano
Piano Trio 12.75 minutes

27. Two Christmas Motets
SATB a cappella 10.25 minutes C

28. Two Dances from Komitas
arranged for: Woodwind Quintet 5 minutes

29. Water-drawing Rites
for Soprano voice and Piano 1 minute E, S