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Performers and Ensembles

Warren’s compositions have been performed by such eminent musicians and ensembles as Marni Nixon, Susan Nigro, Fumito Nunoya, Emily Howard and Beth Levin, Liana Valente, Krista River, Jennifer Ashe, Paul Cienniwa, Luna Nova, Sounds New (S.F.), the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, Chicago Dance Medium, Bronx Arts Ensemble, Spectrum Singers, His Majesties Clerkes, the Rome Festival Orchestra, the Quartet of the Baltic Philharmonic, piano trio, and many more.

"I always looked forward to my discussions with Frank about musical projects and possibilities in Chicago, since he was both dedicated to and effective in the types of collaborative ventures that were available to him. The fact that he was able to build strong relationships in the very vibrant Chicago music community was impressive and gratifying." __ Matthew Brockmeier, Consultant and Grant Writer